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Glass Door Blinds

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These glass inserts contain mini-blinds that are sandwiched in-between the panels of glass. That means the blinds are sealed inside the glass insert which protects them from the outside elements. No more blinds slamming against the door or wall, breaking, and causing havoc for your entrance. No more dusting or cleaning off the blinds. No more broken shades or strings getting tangled up.
Kaydzen has got you covered with Custom Enclosed Blinds solution.

We offer as follows:

  • Blinds In-between Glass Panels
  • Raise, Lower, and Tilt with a single operator
  • Custom size for unique and wooden doors
  • Customize Frame Options
  • Customize blind colors (White, Dark Grey, Bronze , Tan (dark brown), Silver moon (grey)

With an excellent manufacturer’s warranty on glass , functioning, frame *(conditions apply)
This excludes any abuse or removal from the origin of installation and other human negligent damage on the prouct. The installation and removal cost is not included)